Welcome to my completely redesigned website! I dropped the old Joomla page in favor of this one using HTML5.

About me

My name is Florian Märkl and I am currently studying "Informatik: Games Engineering" at the Technical University of Munich.

But I've started programming long before. I especially have advanced knowledge in C++ and OpenGL.
Currently, I am working on my own 3D Engine called "TowerEngine", which I have written from scratch with only OpenGL.

I am also planning to release a new game (not to be confused with "Forgotten Tale") based on the engine in the near future. I will release some information about this project soon!

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter!

About Metallic Entertainment

The term "Metallic Entertainment" came up in 2008 when I was looking for some name to develop Forgotten Tale under.
Since then, I've been using it for all programming-related stuff I am doing.